Rest Isn’t a Waste of Time: On Self-Care and Self-Compassion

{This post is part of the “Finding Spiritual Whitespace Blog Tour” which I am a part of, along with a group of soulful, journeying kindreds. To learn more and join us, CLICK HERE!}

As I continue on this journey of spiritual whitespace, I am realizing that it goes hand-in-hand with my journey towards intentionality. I have finally been able to pick Finding Spiritual Whitespace back up and absorbed another fifty or so pages of Bonnie’s enriching words yesterday afternoon.

I am so glad I forced myself to push on and return to Bonnie’s story, because I feel I made some major breakthroughs yesterday. I have decided to heed Bonnie’s words and take small steps, make little movements towards spiritual whitespace in the form of practicing self-care and self-compassion. I know I am my harshest critic and often my own worst enemy. I put too much pressure on myself, sell myself short, and often become fixated on my failures instead of my triumphs, on my illness rather than my small improvements in health. I have always found it easier to dole out love and compassion to others before doing so for myself. While I read part of Bonnie’s story yesterday afternoon, I decided: that stops now. Now is the time to treat myself as His beloved. Now is the time to begin taking care of myself. I have determined that I want to work on showing myself more compassion, cutting myself some slack, and celebrating my achievements, no matter how small.

It was with this resolution that I headed to the gym in the evening to take a Pilates class despite not having worked out in two weeks. It was with this resolution that I made myself a protein shake for breakfast instead of devouring the last piece of cake in the refrigerator. And it was with this resolution that I napped after driving P to work this morning.

I resolve to start listening to my body again, to treating myself right. I am His beloved; I am worthy. I am God’s poeima.

Bonnie Gray is the writer behind Faith who wrote a book about her inspiring, heart-breaking journey to find rest, which garnered Publisher’s Weekly starred review. I’m taking the journey to find rest through this beautiful guidebook and invite you to read it too.  You can get a copy HERE.



2 thoughts on “Rest Isn’t a Waste of Time: On Self-Care and Self-Compassion

  1. Wow!! Otra vez que hermoso y que grandioso que poco a poco cambies tu mentalidad y la ejercites a lo positivo siempre!! Y si somos nuestras peores enemigas porque a veces queremos hacer milagros!!!

    Adriana Ay Arbonne International


  2. I am right there with you, Nicole! (Well, except at the gym. That’s not on my to-do list.) Your thoughts on taking baby steps toward spiritual whitespace through self-compassion are well said; I haven’t seen anyone else describe it that way. Thanks for sharing!

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