“What Do You Want?”

Today’s journal entry was inspired by this post over at (in)courage, by Holley Gerth.

In the post, Holley discusses asking the question, “What do you want?” After reading the post in its entirety, I sadly realized: I have not stopped to ask myself this question in quite a while. Sure, I think about things I “want” any day of the week, but they are superficial, material things. Handbags, shoes, books, stationery, journals, decor for the condo, a spotless home, jewelry, a new car. I need not go on, you get the point. I mean, who doesn’t fantasize about these sorts of things on a regular basis? Yet, it has been longer than I can remember since I sat in pensive silence to think on what I really want. What does your heart, mind and soul truly, genuinely desire? What a question! So then, after reading Holley’s words, I took the time to process the question, allowed it to sit awhile, and then aimed to list out my answers.

Here are a few real, genuine wants of mine:
–restored health
–to be completely free of facial pain
–more physical energy
–no more panic attacks
–to once again feel smart, intellectual
–friends and genuine connection with women here in Chicago
–a true sense of belonging
–to better learn Scripture and the teachings in the Bible
–a deeper relationship with God and Jesus Christ
–have less fear
–more confidence, courage and a stronger sense of independence
–to be more physically fit for my current health and future preventative benefits
–to be able to go to a live music show (I used to do this all the time before getting sick and I LOVED it) and really enjoy it without experiencing any panic or anxiety
–to serve the less fortunate and under-served in my community as best I can

Over the next few days, take some time to think on the question, “what do you really want?”

Note: I am not an affiliate of (in)courage, I simply enjoy the writing of their contributors and reflecting on same.


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