Travelogues: Houston, Easter Weekend

P and I traveled to Houston for Easter weekend to spend time with my family. It was so nice to get out of town for a few days and enjoy warmer weather. Traveling is always exciting, but it always seems to bring me a bit of anxiety. Lately with my increased bouts of pain and panic attacks, I have not been wanting to get out of my comfort zone all that much. Despite the fact that we were going to visit my family (and I was super thrilled!), I still worried. And felt anxious. And panicked. We had to board Theodore, which I really dislike doing. He does not do well at the vet–so much so that the vet has prescribed him a sedative to administer before vet appointments. Anxious kitty equals anxious kitty mom. Fortunately, P kindly dropped Theo off so I would not have to deal with the emotion (read: have my heart broken upon leaving Theo at the front desk). Rationally, I know something like this should not upset me as much as it does; Theo has boarded with the vet several times before and always survives just fine. Anyway, I digress…

While we were in Houston, I enjoyed a little shopping with my mom, lots of quality time with my brothers and dad, and I got to see P relax like he has not been able to in quite a while. It was glorious. I even got to spend time with and get a massage from my friend and favorite massage therapist!

Easter Sunday was beautiful: the weather, the company, the Mass. Mom and I had some devotional time. Sadly, I had a pretty bad panic attack toward the end of brunch. My body was telling me it needed rest. I was able to enjoy a delicious home cooked dinner with my family after napping for a while and getting through the exhaustion caused by the attack.

I am so grateful P and I were able to spend this time in Houston with family. Our next visit will be in just one month, as the twins graduate from high school. Unbelievable!


My childhood sanctuary.


Mom and I enjoying a meal al fresco on Good Friday.


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