Weekend Wrap-Up

P and I had a pretty low-key weekend, given the fact that my trigeminal neuralgia has been flaring up again. Saturday I spent most of the day icing my face on-and-off, while P got to unwind by watching soccer (his favorite weekend activity, I am convinced). While trying to manage the pain, I was able to get some reading and knitting done, along with listening to a few sermons. P went out to dinner with his parents; I did not feel well enough to venture out.

Yesterday, P woke up with a major sinus headache and lack of energy. On the flip side, I was feeling a bit better than the day before, so it was my turn to play nurse. Sadly, we missed Palm Sunday service, but listened to sermons here at home, took notes, and did our devotionals. I love this new routine we have of listening to sermons and reading a few devotionals together.

In the evening, we had the great pleasure of hosting the family mentioned in an earlier post for dinner. Maria’s youngest daughter is quite an imaginative little girl with a wonderful sense of humor, and had us laughing the whole time. Due to the language barrier, I acted as interpreter between P and our guests. It felt so rewarding to share a meal with such a kind family.

All in all, it was not a bad weekend! I enjoyed getting to spend quality time with P while taking it easy. We have lots of tentative travel plans in the coming weeks, so it was great to just lounge around the house. Plus, it didn’t hurt that the weather was phenomenal–especially on Friday and Saturday.


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